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A Good Year for Scorpios

My resistance verges on the pathological, although I usually keep it to myself. If you asked me why exactly, I would be hard pressed to give you a satisfying answer. But in the way that so many of our deepest attitudes derive not from logic, but from a more visceral sense of things as they are and as they should be, my resistance to divination is instinctual. It’s not that I’m down on the grandeur of the universe and all the possibilities known and unknown that might be harbored here, nor do I submit to the limits of knowledge as if ...

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The Conservatorship of A Body

It was September 1993 when Robert Wendland flipped his pickup truck off a freeway in Lodi, California. By the time I was writing about him in 2001, he had been living with a feeding tube down his throat for eight years. I was working as a researcher and writer in the Program in Medical Ethics at UC San Francisco and we were closely following the final stages of a trial that had raged on for six of those eight years and that had divided the Wendland family, who now sat on both sides of the courtroom. The trial hinged on the ...