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The Solutionist

Imagine this: You run a self-service store where customers walk the aisles, help themselves to oversized packages of batteries, cereal, heaping mounds of strawberries. They heave onto their carts electronics, clothing, massive plastic-wrapped cuts of meat. And all by themselves, they rummage through stacks of shoeboxes, tearing through sizes, here an 8, there a 9, trying to find the one that fits. By the end of the day, tissue paper litters the shoe aisle and the chances of a left shoe dwelling with its intended right partner are slim to none. Everything has been mixed and matched with such sustained ...

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The Mover and the Shaker

……….. “Ok, whaddya need?” Fred Kunik is on the phone, and I’m eavesdropping as he chats casually to someone on the other end of the line. He’s talking about one of the many projects on his plate, and I have the distinct feeling that he says this a lot—what do you need?—since he’s clearly someone who has learned over the years to master the lucrative art of fulfilling need. And what is an entrepreneur, if not someone who sees, assesses, and satisfies need, often before the rest of us are even aware we have it? With a career in the financial services ...